6 Tips for Protecting Your Backups

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Your backup data is valuable, and you can lose it in a flash. What are you doing to protect it? In this blog, we offer six tips for keeping your backup data safe.

Tip 1: Go Offline

It can take hours to back up data to the cloud, and even longer to recover it using a cloud-based service. Also, you’re dependent on an internet connection the entire time. Backing up your data with a hard drive or tape offers portability and speed; just plug and play your media for access to your backup data.

Tip 2: Establish a Rotation Routine

Backing up your data once a week isn’t enough to facilitate recovery during a disaster. Supplement your weekly backups with daily backups on multiple tapes to increase your data recovery capability.

Tip 3: Verify

Never assume your backups are foolproof. Hardware and software errors happen. Routinely verify your backups to make sure your data has been transferred to your backup media correctly and completely.

Tip 4: Encrypt

You can’t afford for your data to fall into the wrong hands. Ransomware attacks can cost thousands of dollars. Encryption converts backup data into a code that can only be read with a secret key or password, rendering confidential information useless to cybercriminals.

Tip 5: Keep One Copy Offsite

You should store at least one copy of your backups offsite, ideally in a data protection facility. A media storage room offers multiple layers of advanced security and preservation systems, including:

  • State-of-the-art entry controls
  • Internal storage cages
  • Climate control technology
  • 360-degree monitored surveillance cameras

Only background-screened and pre-authorized data protection professionals have access to the media storage room. They make sure your backup media is safeguarded, managed and preserved.

Tip 6: Decommission Outdated Media

Tapes and hard drives have a shelf life. Never toss outdated devices in the trash. With the right tools, criminals can still access the data stored on tapes and hard drives. Always use a hard drive, media and tape destruction service when decommissioning outdated backup media.

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