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CI Information Management is a business division of Columbia Ability Alliance, a nonprofit organization committed to supporting and empowering individuals with disabilities and other challenges. Our organization was founded in 1963 as United Cerebral Palsy Association of Benton and Franklin Counties. The purpose of forming the nonprofit agency was clear: to promote the general welfare of persons with cerebral palsy and other barriers to employment. We champion the development of essential vocational and life skills, meaningful social involvement and access to critical resources. Our family of services includes Employment Services, Community Center, Opportunity Kitchen, Empowerment Place, Solutions, and Federal Building.

In July 2013, Columbia Ability Alliance made the strategic decision to purchase Records Management, Inc. (RMS), a local company with an established reputation and years of experience successfully storing large volumes of records for businesses. RMS and CI Shred — our document destruction division — have combined to form CI Information Management. With powerful technology, expert staff, a state-of-the-art facility, and the largest fleet of mobile shredding trucks in the area, CI Information Management has the proven capabilities to store and manage records for companies large and small.

All of our business divisions share the same mission: to help as many people with disabilities as we can through employment services, job training, and centers for social enrichment and community resources. The slogan that appears in our logo, “Your Partner for Success!” was chosen to reflect our commitment to successful partnerships with our clients, our community, our board members, our staff, our donors – everyone who plays a part in our organization. When you use CI Information Management to store your records and shred your documents, a significant portion of your money is used to promote the welfare of people with disabilities.

CI Information Management truck parked in a parking lot. We are committed to working tirelessly every day to fulfill our mission and vision for CI Information Management. We will work hard to provide our nonprofit clients, customers, staff, and community partners with the value-driven service the company has established over the years.