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Shred Service Drop-Off Hours:

Mondays, Wednesdays & Fridays
8:00 am - 4:00 pm

Not sure what to do with your unwanted confidential documents? Don't risk throwing them away in the garbage or hoarding them indefinitely. You could be the next victim of identity theft.

CI Information Management's drop-off shredding service offers a convenient and easy solution for destroying sensitive information. Stop by our drop-off shredding location for fast and secure shredding of your personal and business files. We weigh your documents by the pound, shred them, and send you on your way with a Certificate of Destruction.

Drop-Off Procedures

  • Please bring boxes/bags of paper or other material into the office to be weighed
  • Masks Required
  • One customer in the office at a time

Drop-Off Pricing

  • All Transactions - $10 minimum
  • Paper Shredding - $0.80 per lb
  • Hard Drives - $10 Each
  • Misc. Tech, Xray & Other Materials - $2 per lb
  • MicroMedia - $3 per lb

Carside Service Option

  • If you are unable to wear a mask or bring your materials into the office, we can service you from your vehicle.
  • Please have materials in the trunk of your vehicle.
  • Please call the office at 509-586-6090 (option 2) or honk just once and we will be out within a couple minutes to take care of you.
  • Carside Pricing: $20 per Banker’s Box (or equivalent)
  • Carside service not available for hard drives

Please call us at 509-586-6090 or complete the form on this page if you have any questions regarding our drop-off shredding service.

Do you have too much shredding to bring to us? We also offer a convenient, secure residential shredding service.


900 S. Dayton St. | Bldg. D
Kennewick, WA 99336

509-586-6090 (ext 2)

What We Shred

  • Office paper
  • File folders
  • Spiral-bound notebooks
  • Notepads
  • Folders
  • Newsprint and magazines
  • Soft-bound publications less than 2” thick

What We Don’t Shred

  • Trash
  • Plastic
  • Corrugated cardboard
  • Hard-bound books
  • 3-ring binders
  • Binder clips and other large metal objects

These items will damage our industrial shredding equipment, so we ask that you please remove them beforehand.

Convenient Privacy Protection

In a world where identity theft and business fraud are rampant, protecting your information has never been more important. Our drop-off shredding service offers a convenient and secure privacy protection solution. Only CI Information Management's certified destruction personnel have access to our shredding facility.

For more information about our drop-off shredding services, please call us at 509-586-6090 or complete the form on this page. We look forward to seeing you!