What Law Offices Should Look for in a Shredding Company

Did You Know? The USA boasts 1.33 million active lawyers, translating to approximately one lawyer for every 250 individuals. In 1869, Arabella Mansfield from Iowa achieved a historic milestone as the first woman in US history to become a lawyer, overcoming the gender discrimination barrier by suing the Iowa State Bar for exam eligibility. Law […]

What Healthcare Providers Should Look for in a Shredding Company

In 1860, American philosopher Ralph Waldo Emerson aptly stated, “The first wealth is health.” Today, healthcare providers embody this philosophy by investing in the well-being of the nation. However, amidst their countless responsibilities, safeguarding patients’ private information remains paramount. To uphold compliance with state and federal healthcare privacy laws, healthcare providers seek support from professional […]

Do I Really Need a Certificate of Destruction for Shredding?

Quotes About Wants and Needs “Our wants are many, our needs are few.” “Needs are necessities but wants are luxuries.” “The definition of needs and wants changes from person to person.” When it comes to a Certificate of Destruction, you want it now because you may need it later. Read on to find out how […]

Media Destruction and Privacy Law Compliance

Media destruction refers to the process of destroying or removing physical or digital media in order to prevent unauthorized access to sensitive or confidential information. In this constantly-changing technological age, this process is essential to ensure the security and privacy of individual and business information. What Media Should Concern Me? Any device that stores digital […]

Shredding and Earth Day are BFFs

The unique relationship between Earth Day and paper shredding is so perfect it seems obvious once you know about it, but it has gone unacknowledged for far too long. Now is the time to bring it front and center and explain what makes these two the perfect besties. IRL (In Real Life) Every year, the […]

Signs You Need to Change Shredding Providers

Are you familiar with the Five Man Electrical Band song, Signs? The chorus repeatedly tells the listener, “Signs, signs, everywhere there’s signs.” This could be interpreted as advice or even a warning. Maybe you’ve been using a shredding provider that isn’t living up to your needs but you’re missing the signs that it’s time to […]

October is Cybersecurity Awareness Month

Have you ever wondered, “What is the point of creating an ‘awareness month’?” The greatest advantages are that they can teach you something you previously didn’t know and encourage those already in the know to update their knowledge on the subject. Cybersecurity is no different. It’s a big deal, and it affects everyone. How It […]

How Document Shredding Benefits Medical Practices

Paper Files Medical records have evolved considerably over the years. Many practices have updated to digital medical records while others are still using paper documents or a combination of both. Any practice that handles Protected Health Information (PHI) will benefit from the services of a professional shredding company. HIPAA The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability […]

How the Right Shredding Company Can Help with HIPAA Compliance

1 Thing Becomes 100 Have you ever heard the saying, “You can do 99 things for someone and all they’ll remember is the one thing you didn’t do?” That one thing overshadows the 99 things you did do and becomes the representative for all 100. This goes for almost any situation. No matter how well […]

Understanding HIPAA/HITECH Privacy and Security Rules

HIPAA and HITECH affect every document and piece of information a “covered entity” processes. But the rules are complex and rigid, creating multiple opportunities for mistakes. Here we try to unravel the security rules to help you make sense of it all. What organizations need to comply with the HIPAA/HITECH laws? Covered Entities Healthcare Providers […]