Do I Really Need a Certificate of Destruction for Shredding?

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When it comes to a Certificate of Destruction, you want it now because you may need it later. Read on to find out how this important document can meet your needs.

Purpose of a Certificate of Destruction

A Certificate of Destruction is a formal document provided to you by a professional shredding company to serve as proof that your paper documents, hard drives, and other media have been properly shredded in compliance with state and federal privacy laws.

Contents of a Certificate of Destruction

A Certificate of Destruction contains essential information about the destruction process and completion of the shredding service by indicating:

  • Account details, including names and addresses
  • Order number
  • Service type
  • Time of service
  • Equipment used, including location, date, and time
  • Authorized signatures

Benefits of a Certificate of Destruction

1. Required by Law

If your organization generates, stores, and handles sensitive and confidential information, you are required to maintain a chain of custody tracking process on the information right up to the point of destruction at the end of its required retention period. The chain of custody includes both proof of destruction and details about the destruction process. A Certificate of Destruction helps fulfill this legal obligation.

2. Proof of Compliance

Your business is susceptible to legal inquiries and audits. Having proof that you are compliant with your destruction process is incredibly valuable in each of these circumstances. Your business could also be involved in legal action, even for something done by a third party or something beyond your control. When you have a Certificate of Destruction, you have proof that you followed proper destruction protocol and that the responsibility of protecting the private information was properly and safely placed in the hands of a professional shredding company.

Outsourcing your document destruction to a reputable and trustworthy shredding company is vital to the security of your confidential business information.

Choosing the Right Destruction Company

CI Information Management provides secure, mobile paper and media shredding at your location. When the job is complete, we provide a Certificate of Destruction so you have proof that we have securely destroyed your information in accordance with all privacy laws. Call us at 509-586-6090 or complete the form on this page so we can provide service for all your destruction needs.