5 Tips for Protecting Your Small Business Data

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No business is immune to data breaches. Big corporations often invest thousands of dollars into security plans, but smaller businesses don’t have the same luxury; they must watch every penny. Fortunately, you can keep your organization safe without spending tons of money. In this blog, we offer five tips for protecting your small business data.

1. Back Up Your Data

Disasters can occur anywhere at any moment. To make sure your company survives a disaster, you need a backup plan. But backup is just the beginning. Protecting your backup media is just as important.

A media storage room features multiple layers of security and advanced preservation systems to prevent unauthorized access and physical damage to your backup media, including:

  • State-of-the-art entry controls
  • Internal storage cages
  • Climate control technology
  • 360-degree monitored surveillance cameras

Only background-screened and pre-authorized data protection personnel can access the media storage room. These professionals make sure your backup tapes and media are stored, managed, and tracked with unparalleled care. If a disaster strikes, your backup media is immediately delivered to your co-location or disaster recovery hot site.

2. Safeguard Your Network

Cybercriminals work around the clock to exploit business network vulnerabilities. Safeguard your network with a strong password and firewall. For secure, remote access to your network, set up a Virtual Private Network (VPN) with WPA-2 encryption.

3. Protect Your Paper Records

Paper records are as valuable as electronic records, but they are susceptible to fires, floods, and physical theft.

A records storage facility featuring state-of-the-art security and fire protection systems is designed to protect paper documents from physical damage and theft. Only background-screened records management professionals are allowed inside the facility. Your records inventory is tracked with bar codes and an advanced inventory management system, enabling efficient access to critical documents and files during an emergency.

4. Shred Outdated Documents

Rummaging through business dumpsters and recycling bins is one of the easiest ways for thieves to steal your data. A scheduled shredding service offers your small business a reliable and secure document disposal solution.

Your shredding provider delivers locked shredding collection containers, allowing your employees to securely discard sensitive information. The containers come in several sizes and styles to meet your office decor and document disposal needs, including:

  • 64-gallon locked bins
  • 32-gallon locked bins
  • Executive consoles

5. Educate Your Employees

Your employees are the first line of defense against data breaches. Develop a strategy for making sure they understand security threats and breach prevention strategies. The more knowledgeable they are, the safer your small business data is.

CI Information Management provides shredding services as well as full-service records and information management in the Tri-Cities, the Yakima Valley, Walla Walla, Hermiston, OR, Moses Lake, Wenatchee, and nearly everywhere in between.