4 Simple Identity Theft Prevention Tips

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stop Identity theft sign on blue sky illustration Identity theft crimes in the United States keep increasing every year. Businesses that collect confidential personal, medical and financial data from their customers are especially vulnerable. Naturally, you don’t want your business to be the next to announce a data breach. That’s why it’s essential to have a proactive security strategy. Here are several identity theft prevention tips to follow:

1. Back Up Your Data

Cyber attacks can make your data vanish in an instant. Ransomware is becoming an increasingly popular way for thieves to steal digital data from businesses. After you open a seemingly-legitimate email attachment, your data is stolen, encrypted and held as ransom until a payment is sent to the attacker. A sound backup plan ensures your business isn’t paralyzed by ransomware or other malicious network attacks. Routinely back up your critical files and application data to tapes or hard drives and keep historical backups for a while in case the ransom demand comes days or weeks after the data is stolen.

2. Invest in Off-Site Data Protection

Here’s the rub: backing up your data isn’t enough. Your backup media needs protection from theft. Fortunately, an offsite backup tape and media rotation service gives your backup media the protection it deserves.

Your tapes and hard drives are barcoded and transported from your office to a media storage facility on scheduled days by background-screened professionals. At the media storage facility, state-of-the-art entry controls, 360-degree monitored surveillance cameras, and an internal secure storage cage protect your media from unauthorized access.

3. Shred, Shred, Shred

Identity theft isn’t exclusively high tech. Thieves also use old-fashioned methods to steal hard copy information. Business dumpsters and recycling bins are especially vulnerable, as employees often discard paper documents and files into them. With little effort, a thief can pick through your trash and steal sensitive information.

A scheduled shredding service helps prevent your documents from landing in the wrong hands. Locked shredding collection containers are delivered to your office, allowing your employees to discard sensitive information securely. The containers come in several sizes and styles to meet your office decor and document disposal needs, such as:

  • 64-gallon locked bins
  • 32-gallon locked bins
  • Executive consoles

On a schedule determined by your needs, your containers are emptied, and the contents are shredded on-site at your business.

4. Go Offsite

Think documents stored in your office are safe? Think again. A dishonest or disgruntled employee can easily walk away with a treasure trove of personal information. To protect your documents from internal and external risks, store them offsite in a records center.

A records center is built for the protection of paper documents and typically features state-of-the-art security and fire protection systems. Access to the facility is limited to background-screened records management professionals. Your records are tracked with bar codes in an advanced inventory management system, and only authorized employees in your organization can request them.

By implementing these simple tips, you can keep your business information safe.

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