4 Document Storage Myths, Dispelled

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Street Sign the Direction Way to Facts versus Myths Document storage is not rocket science, but attention to detail is a must. In this blog, we dispel several document storage myths.

Myth 1: You Must Store Documents Forever

You may think storing documents forever keeps you out of legal trouble, but the opposite is true. Expired documents can be subpoenaed and used against your company in lawsuits. Verify your organization’s document retention requirements with your attorney so you know what to keep and what to destroy.

Myth 2: A Self-Storage Unit is the Best Place to Store Documents

A self-storage unit may seem like a quick fix for a paper-littered office, but storing documents there increases your liability risk. Burglaries are common at self-storage facilities. Thieves use bolt cutters to cut storage unit door locks. Unlike a self-storage facility, access to a records center is limited to background-screened records management personnel. Visitors must show identification and are accompanied by authorized personnel during their visit.

Myth 3: My Office is a Safe Document Storage Option

Privacy protection is one aspect of office security that is often overlooked. Without vigilance and oversight, files can be stolen from right under your nose. A records center features high-level security and video surveillance systems. Motion- and intrusion-detection sensors prevent unauthorized access to confidential documents. Your records storage provider tracks your boxes with advanced bar code-tracking software. A secure web portal offers a comprehensive audit trail for every stored file.

Myth 4: Off-Site Document Storage Is Too Costly

When you rent a self-storage unit, you pay a flat monthly rate no matter how many boxes you store. Whether you have one or 100 boxes, your storage provider charges the same price. In-house document storage involves using valuable office space for storing records in your place of business. In contrast, professional records storage offers a more cost-effective solution. You only pay for the space you use. When you remove a box from the records center, you are no longer charged a fee to store it, unlike self-storage where you pay for every square foot. Off-site records storage eliminates the exorbitant expenses of storing files in-house or at a self-storage facility.

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