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5 Tips for Protecting Your Small Business Data

No business is immune to data breaches. Big corporations often invest thousands of dollars into security plans, but smaller businesses don’t have the same luxury; they must watch every penny. Fortunately, you can keep your organization safe without spending tons of money. In this blog, we offer five tips for protecting your small business data.…

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6 Paper Shredding Myths Dispelled

These days, as corporate data breach and consumer identity theft rates skyrocket, document shredding is a popular topic of discussion. But how do you separate fact from fiction? In this blog, we set the record straight by dispelling several popular paper shredding myths. Myth 1: All Shredding is the Same Not all shredding methods are…

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6 Privacy Protection Tips for You and Your Family

Even if you’ve never had your identity stolen, there’s a good chance you know someone who has. According to Proofpoint, over 33 percent of Americans have experienced identity theft. It’s a crime that knows no boundaries: people of every age, from children to seniors, are vulnerable. In this blog, we share several tips for protecting…

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HB 1071 and Your Business

Unlike several European countries, the United States does not have a federal data privacy law. However, of a federal regulation, several states including Washington have recently passed data breach notification laws. In this blog, we answer questions about HB 1071 to help you understand how it may impact your business. Q: What is HB 1071?…

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