How Outsourcing Your Shredding is More Secure and Less Expensive Than Shredding it Yourself

Concerns about privacy, compliance with new shredding laws, and the rising threat of identity theft often prompt businesses to consider investing in office shredders. However, outsourcing your shredding needs to a trusted provider like CI Information Management, a NAID member, offers numerous advantages over handling it internally.

Discarded Shreds: A Risky Invitation

Shredding documents in-house might seem secure, but it can unwittingly provide a roadmap for identity thieves. Shreds from office shredders can be painstakingly reassembled, potentially exposing sensitive information. In contrast, NAID members like CI Information Management process vast quantities of material, making it nearly impossible to reconstruct individual documents. Additionally, our commitment to recycling ensures that shredded materials remain irretrievable by unauthorized parties.

Employee Compliance: Convenience Equals Security

Expecting busy employees to diligently use office shredders is often unrealistic. In many cases, materials end up discarded rather than shredded, creating compliance risks. NAID members offer secure containers for convenient document disposal, promoting compliance and peace of mind.

Verifiable Compliance: A Necessary Assurance

In the event of a privacy breach or audit, having a verifiable record of compliance is crucial. Shredding documents internally provides no such record, while outsourcing to a NAID member ensures ongoing compliance with regulatory requirements.

Protecting Sensitive Information: A Delicate Balance

Internal shredding can expose sensitive information to inappropriate personnel or distract management from core responsibilities. Outsourcing to a NAID member mitigates these risks, as trained professionals handle information destruction swiftly and securely.

Reliability and Scalability: Beyond Office Shredders

Office shredders are prone to breakdowns and struggle with large-scale purges. NAID members utilize industrial-grade shredders capable of handling any volume of material, ensuring reliability and scalability.

Versatility in Destruction: Beyond Paper

Office shredders are limited in what they can destroy, often struggling with materials like binders, CDs, and hard drives. NAID members are equipped with specialized equipment capable of securely destroying a wide range of media.

Dispelling Common Myths

Myth #1: “Outsourcing is more expensive than shredding it ourselves.”

Truth: The cost of internal shredding includes labor, maintenance, and compliance risks, making outsourcing a more cost-effective solution in the long run.

Myth #2: “We do not have enough material to warrant a shredding service.”

Truth: Even small offices generate significant amounts of paper, making outsourcing a secure and convenient option.

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