Offsite Backup Tape & Media Storage

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offsite data & media storage lockersTechnology has revolutionized and diversified the way companies store their company records. These advances in media storage also come with an increased propensity for information vulnerability if media is not stored correctly and securely. In a world where electronic data theft is becoming so prevalent, it is even more critical to secure, preserve, and store electronic media using multiple layers of security and preservation protocols. We accommodate storage for:

  • Data storage tapes
  • CDs and DVDs
  • Microfiche and Microfilm
  • Backup servers
  • Audio and video tapes

Media Storage Room

CI Information Management’s Media Storage Room is ideal for safe backup and archival tape and other media storage. Using state-of-the-art entry controls, 360-degree monitored surveillance cameras, and an internal secure storage cage, it is also climate-controlled to keep your backup media functioning well over the long term.

Moreover, we’ll handle your scheduled tape rotations to ensure your backup data is continually updated and your business can get up and running in case of disaster. Our background-screened drivers deliver and pick up your backup media in GPS-tracked vehicles and your media is bar-coded and logged at each step of its journey.

We’re here to help you keep your backup, tape and media storage secure and accessible in an emergency. Call us today for more information.


Contact: (509) 586-6090

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