Inside a Shredding and Destruction Service

BEHIND THE SCENES red stamp lettering over a white background.You know it’s important to destroy unwanted and expired documents, but do you understand the real value of paper shredding? In this blog post, we take you behind the scenes of a shredding and destruction service where every detail matters.

Safety and Security

Identity theft and corporate fraud are on the rise. Investing in a shredding and destruction service ensures your documents are disposed of with the highest level of safety and security standards in the industry. AAA Certified shredding and destruction companies undergo a strict auditing process that monitors the following areas:

  • Employee screening practices
  • Operational security
  • Insurance requirements

Locked shredding collection containers are delivered to your office allowing your employees to discard sensitive files securely. The containers usually come in several sizes and styles to meet your office decor and document disposal needs, including:

  • 64-gallon locked bins
  • 32-gallon locked bins
  • Executive consoles

On a schedule determined by your needs, your containers are emptied and the contents are shredded onsite at your business.

CI Information Management follows strict chain of custody processes to ensure that your information is destroyed with unparalleled security.

Certificate of Destruction

With the cost of data breach in the U.S. averaging a total of $188 per record in fines and litigation, any chance that your outdated and sensitive corporate documents could end up in the wrong hands is too costly a risk to take.

State and federal information privacy laws and industry compliance standards require businesses to document their record disposal practices. When your documents are professionally shredded, you can request a Certificate of Destruction nothing the date, location and summary of materials collected and destroyed.

Post-Destruction Recycling

Paper recycling is the important final step of a shredding and destruction solution. After your documents are destroyed, the shredded material is baled and sent to an authorized recycling plant. At the recycling plant, the shredded paper is made into a wide variety of consumer and business paper products.

We hope this behind the scenes look helps you understand why a shredding and destruction service is essential for business efficiency, data security, and environmental sustainability.

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