Behind the Scenes of a Shredding Service

Cinema Light box sits on stool that reads "Behind the Scenes" A green screenYou may know someone who uses a paper shredding service. A mobile shredding truck may have even passed you on the highway. But do you know how a shredding service works? In this blog, we take you behind the scenes.

Privacy Protection

Privacy protection is the cornerstone of a shredding service. Your provider helps end potential exposures of personally identifiable information (PII) or protected health information (PHI) within your organization. Whether you have a one-time purge project or need a scheduled shredding solution, they offer shredding collection containers that minimize “lazy tosses” of documents into trash and recycling receptacles. The containers come in several sizes and styles to match your office decor and document disposal needs, including:

  • 64-gallon locked bins
  • 32-gallon locked bins
  • Executive consoles

You select your shredding collection containers and your shredding provider delivers them to you. When your shredding collection containers are full, a background-checked, bonded, and insured shredding technician collects and destroys the contents within a secure chain of custody.


Every organization, including yours, has unique shredding requirements. A shredding provider assesses your needs and creates a customized shredding schedule for your business. They arrive on your scheduled shred day, collect your documents quickly and securely, and shred them on-site at your facility.


Businesses that collect, store, and dispose of PII and PHI must adhere to state and federal privacy laws. Failing to document your information disposal practices may cause non-compliance fines. After your shredding partner destroys your documents, you should have the option to download a Certificate of Destruction which includes the date, location, and summary of records destroyed if you want documented proof of your compliance with state and federal regulations.


A shredding service reduces your impact on the environment. Your shredding provider bales your shredded waste and transfers it to an authorized paper recycling partner. At the recycling plant, the shredded waste is used to produce a wide variety of paper products.

As you can see, a shredding service offers a secure, efficient, and sustainable solution for disposing of paper documents.

CI Information Management provides NAID AAA Certified shredding and destruction services throughout most of Southeastern and Central Washington state, as well as Northeastern Oregon.

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