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Shred with Confidence

Businesses generate large amounts of confidential, sensitive information daily, whether it’s official forms, day-to-day paperwork or meeting notes. Once this information reaches the end of its useful life, it needs to be appropriately destroyed and discarded –or you risk documents falling into the wrong hands. Using CI Information Management’s full range of paper shredding, document destruction and disposal services means your business information can never be replicated or accessed. CI Information Management offers:

  • On site mobile paper shreddingCI Shred truck
  • Records drop off at our secure shredding plant
  • Hard drive and media destruction
  • Regularly scheduled shred service, or
  • One time shred projects and purges

Jeff Thompson, Director of Operations, CI Information Management
CI Information Management can accommodate your paper shredding and document destruction needs, large and small. We also offer all our services to residential clients looking to securely shred their personal and financial documents. Paper shredding is the ultimate preventative measure against identity theft and information-based fraud.

Whether your goal is to protect the privacy of your customers, clients, and employees or comply with state and federal laws, CI Information Management provides all the expertise you need to permanently destroy your confidential business information quickly and securely.


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