Numbered hard drive storage cabinetsIn a world where data theft is on the rise, protecting your data has never been more important.

CI Information Management’s offsite backup tape and media storage service offer a secure, reliable, cost-effective solution for safeguarding your data. We store and manage the following electronic storage devices for our clients:

Your Data, Protected, and Preserved

We’re committed to protecting and preserving your data. Our media storage room features multiple layers of security and advanced preservation systems to prevent unauthorized access and physical damage to your media assets including:

Only background-screened and pre-authorized CI Information Management personnel have access to our media storage room. Our professionals make sure your backup tapes and media are stored, managed and tracked with the utmost care.

Seamless Access to Your Recovery Data

Data loss happens unexpectedly. A single storm, fire or flood can paralyze your business for days or weeks on end. Don’t let this happen to you!

Our offsite backup tape and media storage solution ensures your business gets back up and running in the face of a disaster. We manage your scheduled tape rotations to ensure your backup data is continuously updated.

Our background-screened drivers pick up your tapes for offsite storage and deliver the next ones to you. They follow a strict chain of custody when handling and transporting your backup assets. Your media is bar-coded and logged at each step of its journey, and whether a disaster strikes during normal business hours or on a weekend or holiday, you have 24/7/365 access to your backup data.

For more information about our offsite backup tape and media storage services or to request a cost-free, no-obligation estimate, please call us at 509-586-6090 or complete the form on this page.