Questions to Ask a Prospective Paper Shredding Provider

The letters "Q&A" on a pink slip of paper. Paperclips, a pen and a cup of coffee can be seen.For your information security strategy to be effective, it needs a reliable and secure paper shredding solution. But finding a secure and trustworthy shredding partner isn’t always easy; it requires a bit of effort. Here are five questions you should ask a prospective paper shredding provider:

Q: Are you NAID AAA Certified?

A: NAID stands for the National Association of Information Destruction, the international trade association for companies providing information destruction services. The NAID AAA Certification Program establishes standards for a secure destruction process in the areas of operational security, employee hiring and background screening, responsible paper disposal, and liability insurance coverage. When a NAID Member has completed a successful audit, they’re issued a certificate showing their company name, type of operations, and the specific materials they are certified to destroy.

A NAID AAA Certified paper shredding provider offers you unwavering assurance your documents are destroyed with the highest ethical and security standards.

Q: How long have you provided paper shredding services?

A: You don’t want an inexperienced or disreputable shredding company handling your sensitive documents and files. You need one who’s trusted and has a long history of destroying documents for businesses like yours. Find out how long your shredding and destruction provider has been in business and don’t be afraid to ask them for references.

Q: What paper shredding services do you offer?

A: Every business, including yours, has unique document destruction needs. Look for a paper shredding provider who offers the following paper shredding services:

That way, you receive a document destruction solution tailored to your exact requirements.

Q: How is my material kept secure before it’s shredded?

A: Your paper shredding provider should offer locked shredding collection containers that keep your documents secure before they’re collected for shredding. Look for a provider who offers containers in a variety of sizes and styles to meet your document destruction needs. Shredding consoles and containers should be placed in your office for free.

Q: Do you recycle my shredded paper?

A: You don’t want your paper waste discarded in a landfill where it pollutes the environment. To make sure this doesn’t happen, only partner with a paper shredding company that recycles your shredded waste. After they destroy your documents, the paper waste should be baled and sent to an authorized recycling partner.

Ask these questions to help you choose a reputable, secure, and dependable paper shredding provider.