7 Reasons Your Business Should Consider a Secure Shred Partner

"Seven Reasons Your Business Should Consider A Secure Shred Partner" Text against a grey background.Does your company have a file room filled with old, out-of-date, or otherwise useless documents? If so, consider hiring a secure shred partner to destroy the files for you. From security to productivity, the benefits of this kind of outsourcing are considerable. Here are seven of those advantages.

1.  You save time and productivity. The average office shredder is slow and requires someone to load new documents into it one by one. Hiring an outside company will speed up the process with superior equipment and free up your staff to do other things.

2.  You save money. Why invest in commercial shredding machines around the office when you can hire a third-party for an affordable fee?

3.  You keep your company’s information secure. Paper documents can easily be lost, misplaced, or stolen, making your business vulnerable to leaks and data breaches. By not putting off the destruction of your old paper documents, you reduce the likelihood of a costly leak.

4.  You comply with government standards and laws. The government has laws and regulatory standards concerning chain of custody and document retention policies. Your business has a legal responsibility to protect sensitive information about clients, employees, and customers, which means not keeping their information on file for years after they are no longer associated with your business. Destroying old files, then, isn’t a best-practice recommendation, but a legal requirement.

5.  Your company can go paperless. Going “paperless” can save your company a ton of money in paper and printing costs. It also improves company efficiency, ensures better file security, promotes collaboration, and more. Take the step into the 21st century and adopt a paperless filing system.

6.  Your shredded documents will be impossible to reconstruct. We’ve all seen the movies where someone takes a small bag of shredded paper remains and reconstructs the documents. When you use a commercial shredding partner, the magnitude of shredding is so large that reconstruction of any documents would take years.

7.  You can free up space in the office. Another benefit of going paperless is the space-saving aspect. Storing every paper file your business has ever produced can be a huge waste of office space—especially in areas with high rent rates.

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