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What To Shred: A Guide For Every Industry

You generate huge amounts of confidential, sensitive information daily. No matter what industry you are in, knowing what to shred is vital. Should you shred it? While every business situation is different, here is a great list to get you started. In this infographic we’ll give you a recommendation on what to shred in the…

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Is Your Shred Company AAA NAID Certified?

When you hire a document destruction company to shred your business’s old paper files or destroy your old hard drives, you are putting a portion of the future of your company into somebody else’s hands. Such is the extreme importance of secure document destruction. Your company has sensitive information everywhere, from proprietary product information and…

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CI Information Management Employee Receives Certified Secure Destruction Specialist Accreditation

One of our employees at CI Information Management recently received the Certified Secure Destruction Specialist Accreditation from the National Association for Information Destruction. This program, which NAID launched in 2010, represents the highest level of certification that an individual can receive from the association. So far, only about 150 people nationwide have achieved the Certified…

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Are Garbage Cans Your Company’s Worst Enemy?

You may feel like your company’s garbage can is a fairly neutral device. After all, it’s not like your garbage can is a terminator robot, seeking to find and destroy its target at any cost. Despite its unassuming appearance, your garbage can could morph into an unexpected Trojan Horse – a structure that seems safe…

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The Ugly Truth About Old Hard Drives

Hard drives are still being used in many laptops and desktop computers, but most tech experts would tell you that these old storage systems are, at this point, obsolete. Solid-state drives (SSD) are the more popular option today, largely because they contain no moving parts. Where hard drives use actual disks, motors, and read/write heads…

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