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Key Factors to Consider When Scanning Documents

Are you thinking about going paperless? Before rushing out to buy scanners and imaging software, take a deep breath. Here are several key factors you should consider first: Scope Decide what documents to convert to digital images. It might be tempting to scan and digitize all your records right away, but you may end up…

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5 Things to Know about Data Loss, Tape Backup and Media Storage

Writing note showing Data Loss Prevention. Business photo showcasing Software that detects potential data breaches Keyboard key Intention to create computer message pressing keypad idea.

If you’re having a hard time keeping up with your data, you’re not alone. For many small businesses, storing and managing data is challenging. In this blog, we discuss five essential things you should know about data loss, tape backup and media storage. 1. Data Loss Happens Unexpectedly A single storm, fire, or flood can…

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