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An Inside Look at a Scanning Service

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For many organizations, going paperless is a leap of faith. But it doesn’t have to be that way. You deserve to know what to expect when hiring a scanning service provider. In this blog, we offer an inside look at a scanning service. Technology and Security You can’t understand how busy and secure a scanning…

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Tips for Protecting and Preserving Your Business Information

Did you know it’s National Preparedness Month? Every September, the Department of Homeland Security reminds individuals and businesses about the importance of disaster planning. In this blog, in the spirit of National Preparedness Month, we offer tips for protecting and preserving your business information. Take Inventory If you don’t know where your information resides, you…

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Answers to Your Document Scanning Questions

Do you want to increase your company’s productivity and profits? If so, document scanning may be the solution you’re looking for. In this blog, we answer the document scanning questions we hear most often: Q: Which documents should I scan? A: There’s no limit to which documents you can scan; much depends on your budget…

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What to Ask before Scanning Your Documents

Converting paper documents to digital images is a great way to save money and improve productivity for your business. But before you hire a document scanning company, it’s important to ask the right questions. In this blog, we offer a list of questions to ask your potential scanning provider. Q: Do I need to prepare…

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Is Document Scanning Right For Your Business?

Most businesses understand the importance of digitizing documentation to improve efficiency and reduce costs. Combine that with the increasing need to share information across computers and mobile devices and it shows how businesses require a proven method to scan and store documents in a safe and effective manner. When documents are stored in a digital…

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