Records Storage FAQs

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1) How can I get a file out of storage?

There are several options available to you when you need to retrieve a file out of storage. You can either call, fax a request, or you can access your client portal via our website and request a document with just a click of a button, it’s that easy. We can scan and fax a document to you, or you can schedule a pickup at your earliest convenience.

2) Can I go to your facility to look at my files, instead of having the boxes delivered to me?

Yes! Our secure customer view room allows you to peruse through your files in a safe, comfortable space. Call ahead or make an appointment and we’ll have your requested boxes ready for you when you arrive.

3) What if I need a record right away, or after business hours?

CI Information Management offers prompt scheduled deliveries, 24/7 access, rush and after-hours service for when you need a document right away. When an item is requested by fax for rush delivery during regular business hours, it will be delivered within three hours of work order processing. Rush orders must be called in.

Emergency delivery requests outside of normal business hours must be faxed or called in by an authorized individual. Call our main line at 509-586-6090 to speak with a member of our on-call staff, or send a fax transmission to 509-396-7551. Please include all pertinent information for retrieval, any special delivery instructions and a valid real-time telephone number for return calls from our staff for additional information if necessary.

4) Can I get help indexing my files?

Indexing files is one of the most important steps in records storage to ensure accuracy and ease of file retrieval. The most efficient way to index your files is to think of how you would request a file once it’s stored. Whatever information you need to identify a file is the information you should use in indexing. If you’re new to information management and need help getting started with indexing, a member of our expert staff can sit down with you and help guide you through the process.

5) Why should I use CI Information Management to store my records, instead of a self-storage unit?

The benefits of using a dedicated records storage center are plenty. First, using a self-storage unit means you’re paying for unused space. At CI Information Management you’ll only pay for the space you actually use. Using CI Information Management helps prevent unauthorized access to your company information. Moreover, self-storage units are not built to store records safely. Security and fire protection ensure your records are safe.