Tips for Protecting and Preserving Your Business Information

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Cyber security, Data protection, information safety and encryption. internet technology and business concept. Virtual screen with padlock icons. Did you know it’s National Preparedness Month? Every September, the Department of Homeland Security reminds individuals and businesses about the importance of disaster planning. In this blog, in the spirit of National Preparedness Month, we offer tips for protecting and preserving your business information.

Take Inventory

If you don’t know where your information resides, you can’t protect and preserve it. Identify which documents and data are vital to your organization’s survival. Will you be able to access them if your office is destroyed? If not, you need a contingency plan. Scanning important paper documents mean you’ll have digital copies if the originals are damaged.

Back Up Your Data

An offline backup strategy protects your data even if your computer hardware and software are damaged by a fire, flood or earthquake. A backup routine ensures you can restore data from any point in time.

Whether backing up your data to tapes or portable hard drives, store them offsite—away from your primary business location. A media storage room offers unparalleled protection from unexpected catastrophes. It features multiple layers of security and advanced preservation systems to prevent physical damage to backup media, including:

  • State-of-the-art entry controls
  • Internal storage cages
  • Climate control technology
  • 360-degree monitored surveillance cameras

Only background-screened and pre-authorized personnel have access to a media storage room. They follow a strict chain of custody protocols and use barcode technology to track and manage your backup media.

Invest in Offsite Records Storage

Paper records are vulnerable to fire and water damage. An offsite storage service ensures your corporate records and other vital business documents are protected from disasters and preserved in optimal conditions.

A records storage facility is designed exclusively for the protection of paper documents. It minimizes fire and flood risks with the following systems:

  • Carefully-spaced racking and aisles
  • Zoned, in-rack fire sprinklers

Unlike a self-storage or mini-storage facility, no flammable or explosive items are allowed inside a records center. In addition, access is strictly monitored and limited to records management professionals.

Remember, disaster can strike anytime, anywhere, and often without warning. Use National Preparedness Month as an opportunity to protect and preserve your business information.

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