The Risks of Storing Your Documents in a Self-Storage Unit

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Uncertainty Just Ahead Green Road Sign with Dramatic Storm Clouds and Sky. Summer is a great time of year to tackle office clutter, especially if you don’t have enough space to store your files. You might think a self-storage unit is the best solution, but have you considered the risks? In this blog, we explain why a self-storage unit is not the best place to store your business documents.

Identity Theft

Your documents contain sensitive personal and financial data. Self storage puts this information at risk. Burglaries are common at self-storage facilities. Thieves use bolt cutters to cut locks on self-storage units. A records center with state-of-the-art security systems offers a far more secure document storage solution. Only background-screened records management professionals are allowed access to a records center. Visitors must show identification and be accompanied by authorized personnel during their visit.


When you rent a self-storage unit, you pay a flat monthly rate no matter how many boxes you store. Whether you have one or 100 boxes, your self-storage provider charges the same price. With professional records storage, you only pay for the space you use. When you remove a box from the records center, you are no longer charged a fee to store it, unlike self-storage where you pay for every square foot. To avoid overpaying for document storage, choose a professional records storage service.

Lost Documents

You can store your documents in a self-storage unit, but good luck finding them. Self-storage facilities offer storage space without a turnkey records management solution. A professional records storage service helps you control and manage your documents throughout their retention lifecycle. Your records are bar coded and tracked with specialized software. A secure web portal allows authorized users in your organization to view and manage your inventory and offers comprehensive reporting on information access and usage.


You want quick and easy access to your stored documents. When you store your documents in a self-storage unit, accessing your documents is a hassle. You must put aside tasks at hand, jump in the car, drive to the self-storage facility, and sort through boxes of files.

Professional records storage saves time. You can request documents from your records storage provider with the click of your mouse. On-call records management personnel are available for rush, after-hours, and even holiday deliveries. Your records can even be scanned and sent to you digitally with a Scan on Demand service.

As you can see, using a self-storage unit is not worth the risks. Professional records storage is more secure, cost effective, and convenient.

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