The Benefits of Using a Professional Scanning Service

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Use Our Experience Drawn on White Wall. 3d. Are paper-based processes dampening your productivity? It may be time to digitize your documents. But how do you know whether an outsourced scanning solution is worth the investment? In this blog, we highlight several advantages of using a professional scanning service.

1. Reduced Conversion Time

In-house document scanning projects take weeks—even months. A professional document scanning service streamlines your conversion time. Document scanning professionals handle every aspect of your scanning project, including:

  • Document preparation
  • Document indexing
  • Bates stamping upon request
  • Large-format imaging<
  • Quality control

It’s a solution that allows you to continue growing your business.

2. Maximized Office Space

File cabinets stuffed with paper documents consume valuable office real estate. A professional document scanning service frees up space so “dead” storage can be converted to a revenue-producing profit center.

3. Improved Data Security

Preventing unauthorized access to paper records is difficult at best; anyone can sift through an unsupervised file cabinet or banker’s box. Digital images are stored on a server or in a document management application using advanced encryption, password protection, and access-tracking tools.

4. Enhanced Efficiency

Streamlining your workflow can strengthen your bottom line. A professional scanning service ensures easy, centralized accessibility to information. Financial documents, customer forms, invoices, purchase orders, etc. are converted to digital images so they can be distributed and processed with greater efficiency.

5. Improved Audit Compliance

Scrambling to meet audit requirements is stressful and risky. If requested records aren’t found, your company can incur penalties and fines. A professional scanning service reduces this risk by ensuring your documents are thoroughly organized, indexed, and tracked.

6. Better Disaster Recovery Capabilities

No one wants to lose important paperwork to a fire, flood, or natural disaster, but catastrophes happen, and your business needs to be prepared for the unexpected. A professional scanning service mitigates disaster risks, by ensuring vital information is reproducible and accessible, no matter what. Scanned documents can be backed up to a portable hard drive and stored offsite so your business always stays up and running.

As you can see, a professional scanning service offers comprehensive value for your business.

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