Professional Records Storage vs. Self Storage

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VS versus letters vector logo icon isolated on white background. VS versus symbol for confrontation or opposition design concept It’s a new year and you’re resolving to find a storage solution for your business documents. You have two options: rent a self-storage unit or invest in a records storage service. Before deciding, here are the criteria you should consider:


Your business documents contain sensitive personal, financial, and medical information. If they fall into the wrong hands and it leads to identity theft, someone may hold you liable. That’s why it’s important to choose a document storage facility with unparalleled security. Self-storage facilities lack comprehensive security systems. The only thing protecting your storage unit is a padlock which a thief can easily break with lock cutters.

In contrast, a records center offers state-of-the-art security systems, including:

  • Motion and intrusion detection systems
  • High-level security and video surveillance technology
  • Advanced fire detection and prevention equipment

In addition, only screened records management professionals are allowed inside a records center. Because of these advanced security features, it’s safer to store your files in a records center than in a self-storage unit.


When you rent a self-storage unit, you pay a flat monthly rate no matter how many boxes you store. Whether you have 1 or 100 boxes, it’s the same price. With professional records storage, you only pay for the space you use. When you remove a box from the records center, you’re no longer charged a fee to store it, unlike self storage where you pay for every square foot. So, if you want to maximize your bottom line, professional records storage is the most cost-effective offsite storage option.

Information Management

You aren’t just responsible for storing your business documents; you need to manage them. When you use a self-storage facility, you’re merely given a space to store your documents with no tools to manage them. A professional records storage service helps you control and manage your documents throughout their retention lifecycle. Your records are bar coded and tracked with specialized software. A secure web portal allows authorized users in your organization to view and manage your inventory and offers comprehensive reporting on information access and usage.


You need quick and easy access to your offsite inventory. With self storage, information accessibility means putting everything aside and jumping in your car to retrieve a document. Often, this includes sifting through piles of boxes. Professional records storage offers a more efficient and convenient solution for accessing your documents.

You can request delivery of your records anytime with the click of your mouse. On-call records management personnel are available for rush, after-hours, and even holiday deliveries. Your records can even be scanned and sent to you digitally with a Scan on Demand service.

Based on these criteria, it’s easy to see why professional records storage offers the best solution for protecting and managing your documents offsite.