Everything You Need to Know about Scan on Demand

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Do you know, Fun facts, Top 10 and other quotes with speech bubbles and megaphone set. Vector stylized text. If your goal is a paperless office, you need the right solution. Scanning the entirety of your paper records is tempting, but you may end up paying to digitize documents you will never use. A Scan on Demand service helps you go paperless in a practical manner. In this blog, we explain everything you need to know about Scan on Demand.

How Scan on Demand Works

Scan on Demand combines records storage and document scanning. Your records management provider picks up your documents and transports them to a record center for storage. Your records are bar coded and tracked with specialized software.

When you need a record, your record management provider converts it to a digital file and sends it to your computer or laptop. You can then access your scanned documents through your record management provider’s secure client web portal. They can also download and deliver your files on a portable hard drive or other electronic storage media.

When to Choose Scan on Demand

Clutter dampens productivity—and the daily cost of retrieving, copying, and mailing paper documents adds up. When your office is jam-packed with archival documents and you are spending too much time handling them, your organization loses money. Scan on Demand reduces office clutter, improves information access, and enhances employee productivity so your company stays profitable.

What Records Benefit Most from Scan on Demand

Every business has active and inactive records. Scanning everything is not usually necessary, especially for inactive records which can be kept and then destroyed. A more practical solution is to scan your active records and store the rest offsite. Scan on Demand lets you securely store your inactive records inventory offsite and digitize files only when you need them.

Full-scale scanning is not for every organization. Scan on Demand offers an affordable and scalable solution for converting your paper records to digital files.

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