Determining Your Document Scanning Needs

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Transformation of paper to a digital image concept 3d illustration Does your company have a document management problem? Finding the right scanning solution can help. Besides keeping your documents secure, a good scanning provider should offer a variety of document scanning services to match your unique document management goals. In this blog, we offer tips for assessing your document scanning needs.

Scanning Projects

Many organizations strive for a “paperless” solution, but few have the time and resources to scan file cabinets and boxes filled with documents. Before a scanning project begins, your documents must be properly sorted and prepared. Specific index fields may also need to be captured. If you want to improve search capabilities within your digital files, optical character recognition software (OCR) must be used during the conversion process. When you have a set number of files to scan, a document scanning provider can help your organization achieve its paperless goals in an efficient and hassle-free manner.

Large-Format Scanning

Storing and managing oversized documents is a challenge for any business. A large-format scanning service is ideal for architectural firms, construction companies and other organizations that rely on non-standard size documents and need to store, access, and share them with ease. Your scanning provider digitizes them in your desired file format.

Scan on Demand

Full-scale scanning is not for every organization. It may be more practical to store your records offsite and scan them as needed. Scan on Demand offers an affordable and scalable solution for converting your paper records to digital files. Your scanning provider picks up your documents and transports them to their record center for secure storage. Your records are barcoded and tracked with specialized software. When you need a document, your scanning provider converts it to a digital file you can access through a secure client web portal. Your scanning provider can also download and deliver your files on a portable hard drive or other electronic storage media.

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