A Combined Scanning, Storage, and Shredding Solution Changes Everything

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Without a doubt, some things that are good independently are greater collaboratively. A combination of good things doesn’t just increase their individual value, it significantly multiplies their potential. Consider these three unique examples:

  1. Abbott & Costello: Both Bud Abbott and Lou Costello were good comedians and actors on their own, but a sensational act together. Cast in minor roles in their first film, One Night in the Tropics, they stole the show with classic routines including a version of, “Who’s on First.”
  2. Strawberry & Rhubarb: Strawberry is a sweet fruit and Rhubarb is a sour vegetable. When combined, they create a complex and outstanding flavor. In 1947, New York officially declared rhubarb a fruit to save on import taxes.
  3. Weight & Balance: The weight of an aircraft cannot exceed its maximum for safe flight. The center of gravity of an aircraft is the point over which an aircraft is balanced. The weight and the balance of an aircraft are codependent, affecting each other and the stability of flight. The airplane could be below its weight maximum but be unbalanced, or it could be balanced but over its weight maximum.

The same values can be attributed to scanning, storage and shredding. Individually, they are necessary and valuable to your records management, but they also become exponentially stronger when they are combined under one roof. Let’s look at what happens when they are:

Scanning and Storage

What’s Good about Scanning Services

  • Offers higher security than paper records
  • Enhanced information preservation
  • Improves document sharing
  • Acts as an excellent backup for disaster recovery

What’s Good about Storage Services

  • Increases available office space
  • Offers better protection against fire and theft
  • Includes state-of-the-art indexing and file retrieval

What’s Great about Scanning and Storage Services Combined

  • Digital and physical files are under the same roof
  • Working with a single organization
  • Reduced overall cost
  • Offsite hard copies are available at a moment’s notice with Scan On Demand

Storage and Shredding

What’s Good about Shredding Services

  • Personally Identifiable information (PII) is properly destroyed
  • Industrial equipment shreds large amounts of paper quickly and without jamming
  • NAID AAA Certified companies meet or exceed legislated requirements and security specifications for information destruction.

What’s Great about Storage and Shredding Services Combined

  • Retention periods can be more closely followed and adhered to
  • Files are destroyed in place at the end of their lifecycle, offering better security
  • Digital files can be destroyed at the same time if required

Scanning, Storage, and Shredding

What’s Great About a Combined Scanning, Storage, and Shredding Services Solution

  • Full chain of custody from start to finish
  • Complete combination of services is more affordable overall
  • Communication with one company makes issues quicker to be addressed and resolved.

There’s power and affordability in collaborative work, and by working with one provider for scanning, storage, and shredding changes everything!

CI Information Management provides a full suite of records and information management services. We can design a combined scanning, storage, and shredding solution to fit your needs perfectly. We serve Southeastern and Central Washington and Northeastern Oregon, and we’re just one call away at 509-586-6090. You can also complete the form on this page to request a quote. We look forward to hearing from you!