8 Excellent Reasons to Scan Your Documents

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concept of stack white paperless go green save the planet earth trees leaf logo documents turned into digital big data business device tablet screen display future technology flat vector 2020 is upon us. Are you still on the fence about what to do with your paper records? In this blog, we offer eight reasons to consider scanning your documents.

Data Security

Filing cabinets aren’t made to protect sensitive data; anyone can sift through them and gain access to confidential documents. Scanning your documents allows sensitive data to be encrypted and stored on a password-protected server, portable media device, or enterprise content management (ECM) application.

Customer Service

 Happy customers are the key to a successful business. Document scanning streamlines your company’s workflow and production time so your customers receive products and services in a timely and cost-efficient manner.


 A cluttered office isn’t just unsightly, it’s costly. Scanning your documents frees up office space so it can be used to generate more revenue for your company. Thousands of files can be stored on a single server instead of taking up space in bulky file cabinets.

Audit Compliance

Your company can incur penalties and fines if documents aren’t found during an audit. Document scanning ensures your files are organized and easily retrievable.

Project Collaboration

Printing and distributing multiple copies of documents is time consuming. Scanning your documents allows you to share information digitally so project collaboration can happen without having to reproduce hard copies.

Disaster Recovery

Paper documents are vulnerable to fires and floods. Scanned documents can be backed up to a portable hard drive and stored offsite so your business always stays up and running during a disaster.

Environmental Sustainability

Besides helping your business, document scanning helps the environment. Your business uses less energy not having to print and copy documents. And reducing your paper consumption means more trees for a greener planet.

It’s Not All or Nothing

It’s not always necessary to scan every single piece of paper. A Scan on Demand service combines offsite records storage and digital imaging so you can protect your documents and digitize them only if and when you need them. Look for a document scanning company that offers a Scan on Demand solution.

As you can see, document scanning can help take your business to the next level.

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