6 Tips to Help You Prevent a Data Breach

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6 Tips to Help You Prevent a Data Breach

Data security breaches continue to place many Americans at risk of identity theft and fraud. Even more alarming, the number of breaches has been growing at a rate nearly 50% since 2008, exposing the private information of tens of millions of people. Many of these breaches occurred at small and medium-sized businesses.

It is absolutely vital that businesses take active steps to protect the personal information of their clients, customers, and employees. Below are ten tips to help you avoid a data security breach and safeguard sensitive data.

1) Destroy Before Disposal – Before any of your private information is disposed of, make sure it is properly shred. CI Information Management’s proprietary shred technology completely destroys sensitive business information into unreadable confetti-sized pieces that cannot be reproduced or recreated.

2) Update Procedures and Train Employees – Establish a comprehensive Information Destruction Policy to protect the personal information of clients and employees, comply with state and federal regulations, and protect competition-sensitive information.

3) Keep Only What You Need – Reduce the volume of information you collect and retain to only what is necessary. Documents waiting to be shred should be locked in a secure shred collection container. CI Information Management offer a variety of highly secure industry standard shredding collection locked containers for your office or workplace.

4) Safeguard Your Information – Some important information must be retained for many years. CI Information Management offers an integrated solution to records management. We’re trusted partners in efficient records storage and document destruction.

5) Train Employees – Upon hiring, and whenever updated, all employees should be properly oriented on your organization’s information destruction procedures.

6) Digitize Frequently Accessed Records – Digitizing your documents can help you save on paper and copying costs, and retrieval time. With your stored files in a secure location, accessing a digital document can keep it from falling into the wrong hands. CI Information Management’s document scanning service can save you the valuable time it takes to scan each document manually.

CI Information Management, a Columbia Industries company, is your ready to partner with you to help you prevent a data breach. CI Information Management services Tri Cities, the Yakima Valley, Walla Walla, Hermiston, OR, Moses Lake, Wenatchee, and nearly everywhere in between.