6 Things to Look for in a Document Storage Company

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Portrait of happy multiethnic businesswoman using digital tablet in agency. Successful business woman in casual clothing working on tablet. Mixed race young woman looking at camera in creative office. Document storage is integral to a thorough records management policy. In this blog, we offer tips for finding the right document storage company for your business. Here are several things to consider:

1. Experience

Anyone can store a box of records on a shelf, but few document storage companies have the ability, years of success, and a stellar reputation for storing large volumes of documents for organizations representing an array of industries. Partnering with a document storage company with these traits ensures the protection of your information long term.

2. Secure Facilities

Many companies, including self-storage and moving, offer document storage as a secondary service. But unlike a document storage company, they do not offer a dedicated records storage and management solution, which puts your information at risk. A dedicated records storage and management provider stores your documents in a records center designed for paper record protection. A records center features the following security features:

  • Advanced security and video surveillance systems
  • Motion and intrusion detection sensors
  • Temperature control monitoring systems
  • Fire detection and mitigation technology

These systems prevent unauthorized access to your confidential information.

3. Fire Safety

A warehouse full of paper records is like a tinderbox. A records center reduces fire safety risks with the following safety features:

  • Carefully-spaced racking and aisles
  • Special lighting and electrical outlets
  • Zoned, in-rack fire sprinklers

Make sure that your document storage provider’s records center has these systems.

4. Screened Personnel

Know who handles your confidential documents. Make sure your document storage provider only hires background-screened records management personnel.

5. Records Management Technology

The technology used to manage your documents matters. Look for a document storage provider who offers an easy-to-use client web portal that allows for 24/7/365 monitoring of your record retention schedules, and seamless fulfillment of retrieval and delivery requests.

6. Breadth of Services

Most organizations need a complete information management solution. Look for a document storage provider who, besides managing your hard copy records, offers lifecycle and final disposition support for your digital images and backup media.

When choosing a document storage company, keep these six critical factors in mind.

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