5 Questions to Ask before Diving into a Scanning Project

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Are you thinking about going paperless? Document scanning offers several benefits. But before undertaking a scanning project, ask the following questions:

Q: What is the scope of my project?

A: Many businesses rush into scanning before understanding the processes involved. Determine the scope of your scanning project. Figure out how many pages you will need to scan. Keep in mind that it may not be necessary to scan documents that will soon reach their final disposition date. Review your record retention obligations before starting your scanning project. Active files with long retention periods are ideal candidates for a document scanning solution.

Q: Do I have the right equipment?

A: If you are planning to scan your documents in house, you will need a scanner. Desktop scanners are great for scanning one or two documents every so often, but high-volume scanning projects require more robust hardware. High-speed, standalone scanners are not cheap; they can cost several thousand dollars. You can avoid having to make such a huge investment by outsourcing your scanning project to a qualified scanning provider who uses their own scanning equipment and technology to convert your paper records to digital files.

Q: Does my staff have time to scan?

A: Going paperless is more than just feeding documents into a scanner. Documents must be organized and indexed before they are scanned. You should have an audit and quality control processes to verify the accuracy of every scan. Training your employees in these procedures takes valuable time and can disrupt their core duties. A document scanning company has trained and experienced scanning technicians who handle every facet of your scanning project. Outsourcing your scanning saves your business time and keeps your employees productive.

Q: How will I access my digital files?

A: Going paperless is a great solution for saving space and optimizing efficiency. But searching a collection of digital files is just as time consuming as rifling through a paper file cabinet. A document scanning service offers the option of storing your digital files on your server, a portable media device, or in your preferred document management or enterprise content management (ECM) database. Having your documents available at the click of your mouse with optical character recognition (OCR) search capabilities saves you time and enhances your workflow goals.

Q: What will I do with my documents after they are scanned?

A: You need to consider what to do with your original files after they are scanned. Depending on your disaster recovery and records retention requirements, you have the option of preserving the originals or destroying them. Partnering with a document shredding provider who offers offsite records storage and document shredding gives you an option for both.

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