5 Questions to Ask a Document Scanning Provider

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pile of sheets being turned into data concept of digital documents Going paperless is good for the environment and saves your business time and money, but it’s not always easy. How do you choose a document scanning provider who can help you reap these benefits in the most painless manner? In this blog, we offer five key questions to ask.

Question 1: What are my scanning options?

Every organization has unique document scanning requirements. So, whether you are undertaking a large or small scanning project, know whether your provider can meet those needs. Make sure they offer a variety of service options that include workflow scanning and Scan on Demand solutions.

Question 2: Who preps my documents? You or me?

Document preparation is time consuming and labor intensive. Each page must be meticulously organized, batched, and prepared, or the entire scanning project may fail. If you have a lot of time, space and expert scanning staff, tackle document preparation in house. Otherwise, look for a scanning provider who offers document preparation as part of a turnkey scanning solution.

Question 3: I have large-format documents. Can you scan them?

Not every scanning provider can scan large-format documents. If you have blueprints, maps, architectural plans, engineering drawings, or other oversized documents, make sure your scanning provider can convert them to digital files.

Question 4: What is your quality control process?

QA ensures that every document is scanned successfully, in the right order, and with the highest image quality. Not every scanning provider provides quality control to the same degree. Verify whether your scanning provider checks the image quality and index value of every scanned document. Images that do not meet high QA standards should be re-scanned and re-verified. Your document scanning provider should let you review your digital images before your project is finalized.

Question 5: How is my information kept secure during scanning?

When scanning sensitive financial and personal records, data breach risks are always present. Assess your scanning provider’s security practices. To keep your information secure, partner with a locally-owned scanning company that uses screened scanning technicians and scans your documents in a secure scanning facility.

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