10 Questions to Ask a Records Storage Provider

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a large quantity of boxes are stored on racks at this records storage warehouse facility. the boxes contain files, documents, papers, and other business records. these photos may be of special interest to those in the records management industry. Are you looking for a secure storage solution for your business records? When selecting a records storage provider, due diligence pays dividends. Here are ten questions to ask:

Question 1: How do I get my records offsite?

A document storage service is much easier and more secure than self-storage. Your documents are picked up from your office and securely transported to a records center in a GPS-tracked, alarmed vehicle.

Question 2: Do I have to inventory and index each box?

Some record storage providers make you inventory and index your boxes before storing them. If you want to save time and hassle, partner with a records storage company that can inventory and index your boxes for you. Trained professionals can organize and index your records so you have an accurate offsite storage inventory.

Question 3: How are my records protected when they’re stored offsite?

With identity theft and business fraud at an all-time high, records security is critical. Partner with a records storage provider with a facility designed for the secure storage of paper-based documents. That way, you’re assured your records are protected with the following systems:

  • High-level security and video surveillance
  • Motion and intrusion detection sensors
  • State-of-the-art fire detection and mitigation systems

Question 4: How do I access my storage inventory?

You should have several options for retrieving your records from storage. Make sure your records storage provider offers file retrieval and delivery requests by phone, fax, or a secure, web-based portal.

Question 5: When can I access my storage inventory?

Just because your documents are stored offsite, doesn’t mean you can’t access them anytime. Your records should be available to you 24/7/365.

Question 6: Can anyone in my organization request a file?

Be wary of records storage providers who don’t verify records requests. When your account is set up, you should receive and complete an authorization list to prevent unauthorized access to confidential files. Anyone on the list can request a file from the records center.

Question 7: Who picks up and delivers my documents?

Professional pickup and delivery are one of several advantages of investing in a records storage service. Your records are picked up and delivered by a background-screened records management professional, saving you time and stress.

Question 8: How long does it take to receive a requested file?

When you store your documents offsite, you want to make sure your organization has seamless, quick access to its information. Check to see if your records storage provider offers same-day, rush, and after-hours records delivery.

Question 9: Do you offer Scan on Demand?

Scan on Demand is a solution for scanning and delivering your records digitally when you request them. Not every records storage company offers this service, so partner with a company that does.

Question 10: What other services do you offer?

Records storage is a critical component of a corporate information management program, but it’s only one important piece. Services such as offsite media storage, document scanning, and shredding and destruction work in conjunction with records storage to ensure the security and accessibility of your information. A document storage provider who offers all of these services can provide your company with a turnkey information management solution.

Ask these questions to help you choose a reputable, capable and dependable records storage provider.