Shredding Collection Containers

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Secure Shred BinOur shredding collection containers

We offer a variety of highly secure industry standard shredding collection locked containers for your office or workplace. We place these in your business so you can securely lock outdated business documents before we get there and shred them. For estimating purposes, we have provided capacity in terms of a standard shredding collection container “banker box” measuring 10Hx12Wx15″D. Our secure bins are available in the following capacities:

  • 64 gallon (holds approximately 6 standard banker boxes)
  • 32 gallon (holds approximately 3 standard banker boxes)
  • Executive console (holds approximately 2 standard banker boxes)

Paper Material Acceptable in Collection Containers

  • Folders, notebooks, notepads (including spiral bound)
  • Newsprint, magazine, soft bound publications less than 2″ thick
  • Small metal fasteners, rubber bands (staples, paper clips, small binder clips)
  • Business sensitive documents and general office paper, any color

Secure Shred Bin PickupMaterials NOT Acceptable in Collection Containers

  • Trash, plastic, Styrofoam, soda cans
  • CDs, DVDs, tapes, x-rays, laminates
  • Corrugated cardboard
  • Hard bound books and 3-ring binders
  • Large metal objects, large binder clips

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